About Us

About UsSweet Adeline Bakeshop
Sweet Adeline is a neighborhood bakeshop. Everything is made here in small batches; this means we run out of some items on some days.

We experiment with desserts until we find out what our customers want. Some of our ingredients are organic and local. We buy much of our fruit from farmers who sell at the Berkeley Farmer’s Market. Our dairy is Clover. Our chocolate is German, Belgian, and Californian.

There is a great deal of effort and love put into everything we make. What else is the point of a neighborhood bakeshop? Many of our customers are also our friends.

It has been a wonderful day in the neighborhood.

Meet Sweet Adeline’s Owner

jenMy story is similar to many, after graduating with a BA in PoliSci and History from the University of Wisconsin, I dabbled in careers, but nothing resonated. I had always baked and cooked growing up. This was the mid 1980’s so cooking was just becoming a respectable profession. After putting in my days at a NY midtown law firm, I would head downtown and be the night baker at Pie In The Sky. I was hooked. I went to the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park.

I was able to work with Jonathan Waxman when he owned Jams, Buds and Hulots. After moving to the Bay Area, I was Joyce Goldstein’s pastry chef at Square One. It was an exciting time. When Square One closed, I developed a line of cookie dough for William Sonoma and then became pastry chef at Garibaldis On College.

Now I run Sweet Adeline. I do not bake every day as I used to – that is where the other bakers come in. What I try to do now is juggle everything so that we can open our doors on a daily basis and greet you warmly.

Contact: bakers@sweetadelinebakeshop.com or call 510-985-7381
We are on Twitter @sweetadeline63. We are on Facebook here.

Meet Sweet Adeline’s Staff

Sweet Adeline is 15 years old. Hard to believe. Everyone who has worked here has left behind a part of themselves that has enriched the shop. Many of the people have gone on to open their own businesses: Earl, our first lead baker, has Lotta’s in San Francisco.

The current staff continues the tradition of putting their into the pastries and desserts that we make for you each day.

Jillian heads the baking team with her gentle assurance. Colleen, Deb, and Nicole wake up bright and early so that the doors can open with their display of morning goodies that gets replenished with cakes and pies as the day progresses.

We do not stop there though. Celebratory and wedding cakes are a special part of our repertoire, headed by Jason.

The front is managed by Amanda, and a group of friendly and enthusiastic staff who look forward to knowing your order.

Lucas has one of the hardest jobs, but he makes it look easy. Dishes are washed, fruit is prepped, the pantry is organized. We are grateful.

And Now to You, Our Customers

You live in the neighborhood or stop by on your bike or in your car. It is your support that has made this small, corner bakeshop a success. Many of you we know by name or by drink. Many of you were here on the first day. Some of you are new customers whose name we will know. All of you help to make up this vibrant community of South Berkeley. Thank you all!