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July Artists: Fern Royce and Linda Race

Artist’s Statement:

We met many years ago as carpool parents.  Although our children grew out of the need for carpooling, our friendship continued and blossomed around the mutual interest of art.  While we work in different mediums- Linda as a collage artist and Fern as a textile artist- we both explore color.  Linda works with color cut from books on flowers and nature; Fern works with color in fabric.

We both use repurposed and found materials in our work- discarded books for Linda and clothing or fabric found for Fern.  We delight in finding/saving “precious” bits and pieces for each other.

A short list of other sources of inspiration include Josef Albers’ Interaction of Color, Johannes Itten’s Design and Form, artwork by Klee, Kandinsky, Sean Scully, Jacob Lawrence, color and form in quilts by Africa American quilters, Amish quilters and Gwen Martson.  We find inspiration all around us that makes its way into our work.

The idea of this exhibition came about as we realized how much we inspired each other’s work.  We hope our exhibit of color and friendship inspires you as well.

Contact Information:

Fern Royce:

Linda Race:

January Artist: Anticipation

We’ve got new art up for the month of January. Jazmyne Woffard-Jones has 7 black and white photographs, that invoke the feeling of anticipation. Read the artist’s statement below.

“We all share the act of anticipating a moment in time and this body of work aims to capture that. The act of waiting consists of a delay in the next social cue. Whether that’s in pausing time for a date that is late for lunch or standing by for the elevator to reach a particular floor.

These few minutes in between our busy schedules are moments to appreciate. It is these short periods in which we’re faced with our inner thoughts and feelings until the next cue calls us to move.

I hope to inspire you, the viewer, to cherish those seconds of anticipation.

These B&W photographs are shot on a Mamiya C220.”

Contact information:

December Artist: Claude Convers


We’ve got new art up for the month of December! Claude Convers has hung up pieces in a colorful show called “Inner Landscape.” Read the artist’s statement below.

“My true search is to achieve balance and happiness through movement, internal and external. In my artwork it manifests itself in the search for a perfect line flowing effortlessly from my art, in colors reaching harmony, and in the satisfaction of surprising myself in the exploration process. Through colors I can give shapes to my emotions–the realm of the unconscious–while in lines I find an anchor in practical reality, my attempt to contain and redirect energy.

In drawing the body I find the universe, always the same, always changing, always to be rediscovered. In my abstract pieces the work itself becomes the body in its most intricate form, the one beyond my understanding, the one I yearn to find and realize again and again.

My process is about daring to be in the world in the present moment and unearthing the many faces of humanness. The resulting artwork becomes the witness of this interaction. My hope is to transmit to the viewer the sense of surprise and fleeting moments of joy and fulfillment I found during the process.”

Contact the Artist:
Claude Convers

November Artist: Powell St. John


“Ever since I can remember I have been fascinated by the visual arts. In grade school I was drawn to the comic books of the Golden Era. My friends and I would try diligently to draw the way the masters did, such as Al Williamson, Jack Davis & Wallace Wood. I have kept up this interest all the days of my life and eventually studied art and art history at the University of Texas in Austin.

The works I produce tend to be small, intimate pictures with the techniques and materials with which I am most familiar. Women are a repeated subject which is indicative of my fascination. Satire, mystery, and the fantastic have always been the cornerstones of my art. I often state that I only draw what I see. Pyschedelic drugs have had a major impact on my work. That is only part of the story. Included in this collection are some works that, frankly speaking, come from somewhere else. These often intimate visions are usually wrapped in satire, mystery, & psychedelic themes which I suspect are transmitted to me from some other time/place and my only function is to serve as a conduit for them. Could this be true? Could I simply be the drawing instrument in the service of some Other?”


October Artist: Anita Sagástegui

This October we are featuring a collection of photos from Anita Sagástegui named Abstractions, 2016
. Subtle, beautiful, and creative, these photos are certainly worthy of your attention! Come by and check them out! Read the artist statement below.


“Learning to see–it is what photography teaches me to do every day.

To notice color, line, light, shape. To pay attention to movement, to pattern, to rhythm.

Photography invites me to be surprised by the everyday world, and to be playful with it.

Though every year I grow older my eyes seem to fail me just a little bit more (and the “add power” in my prescription eyeglasses gets higher), photography allows me to approach the visual with continued fascination. The six pieces in this much larger series, Abstractions 2016, showcase my fascination for the elements of color, light and line as well as hopefully capturing the delight and surprise I felt upon seeing these myriad little ‘scenes’. Likewise, the series also reflects a bit of the elusive, fuzzy way in which my eyes now actually see, especially at night.

To view the rest of this series, as well as some of my other work, please visit my website (see below). I hope you enjoy these pieces as much as I enjoyed making them” –Anita Sagástegui

Contact information for the artist:

September Artist: Eileen Starr Moderbacher


For the month of September we have these beautiful pieces by Eileen Starr Moderbacher. Read the Artist’s Statement below.

“I love color, color, color! The high emotions, the low emotions, the exuberance associated with luscious color palettes drive me wild. For a long time I have worked with subdued colors, but in this body of work I made the conscious decision to work with brightness, pushing saturation and bold color schemes as much as I can. All of the paintings in this body of work are about color, pattern and composition. The medium I have chosen is water-soluble wax crayons on watercolor paper, sometimes with the addition of acryla gouache or acrylic.

I have carefully staged each of these still lifes in my studio. Each piece is comprised of fabric, flowers and in most cases a small wooden or ceramic elephant. The elephant is a symbol of my storied life with my husband, Johannes. About 45 years ago we bought a large wooden elephant for each other instead of engagement rings and have been collecting them ever since. Hours spent at the fabric store have yielded just the perfect patterned fabric for me to use. And my love for color has seduced me into selecting beautiful, fresh, single flowers, usually three for each piece. Because of my traveling schedule I have had to use my camera to take my studio set up with me where ever I go. Each piece is shot from above, with particular attention to light, shadow and composition.

That being said, I use the photo as my studio still life set up, but then begins the intuitive process of altering the composition, the color saturation, the depth of the shadows until I reach the point where the painting has become what it was always meant to be.

You can find more information on my artwork on my website, If you have any questions, please contact me at

— Eileen Starr Moderbacher”

August Artist: Fern Royce

August 2016.

August we are fortunate to have quilts up by Fern Royce. All unique and inspiring, these quilts are not for sale, so come to the shop to get your fill while you can! Read the artist’s statement below.

“I was drawn to textiles from a very early age, influenced by the women in my family who made clothes, home furnishings and quilts–often from recycled or repurposed fabric.

I learned to sew on a machine at age 10 and started quilting in 1995. I did not use patterns but taught myself to look: find the block; figure out the construction. I studied books on Amish quilts, antique quilts, African American quilts, and art books.

I was especially influenced by both the books and work of Gwen Marston who pioneered the improv movement which she called liberated quilting. I have been teaching students to make their own quilts since 2012. My greatest joy as a teacher is sharing my love of liberated quilting and empowering others to create their own work, trust their instincts, but most of all, to enjoy the process.

You can find more information on my quilts and class schedule on my website:

Literary Mix Tape


Get your pens ready! Our own barista Marcy is hosting a new monthly literary event down the street at Hercules Records. Every first Thursday of the month at 7pm people will be reading submissions of writing based on a musical prompt. August’s prompt is “Feels like the First Time”. If you would like to read a piece or have any questions you an contact Marcy at