January Artist: Anticipation

We’ve got new art up for the month of January. Jazmyne Woffard-Jones has 7 black and white photographs, that invoke the feeling of anticipation. Read the artist’s statement below.

“We all share the act of anticipating a moment in time and this body of work aims to capture that. The act of waiting consists of a delay in the next social cue. Whether that’s in pausing time for a date that is late for lunch or standing by for the elevator to reach a particular floor.

These few minutes in between our busy schedules are moments to appreciate. It is these short periods in which we’re faced with our inner thoughts and feelings until the next cue calls us to move.

I hope to inspire you, the viewer, to cherish those seconds of anticipation.

These B&W photographs are shot on a Mamiya C220.”

Contact information: jazmynewjones@gmail.com

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