October Artist: Anita Sagástegui

This October we are featuring a collection of photos from Anita Sagástegui named Abstractions, 2016
. Subtle, beautiful, and creative, these photos are certainly worthy of your attention! Come by and check them out! Read the artist statement below.


“Learning to see–it is what photography teaches me to do every day.

To notice color, line, light, shape. To pay attention to movement, to pattern, to rhythm.

Photography invites me to be surprised by the everyday world, and to be playful with it.

Though every year I grow older my eyes seem to fail me just a little bit more (and the “add power” in my prescription eyeglasses gets higher), photography allows me to approach the visual with continued fascination. The six pieces in this much larger series, Abstractions 2016, showcase my fascination for the elements of color, light and line as well as hopefully capturing the delight and surprise I felt upon seeing these myriad little ‘scenes’. Likewise, the series also reflects a bit of the elusive, fuzzy way in which my eyes now actually see, especially at night.

To view the rest of this series, as well as some of my other work, please visit my website (see below). I hope you enjoy these pieces as much as I enjoyed making them” –Anita Sagástegui

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