July Artists: Fern Royce and Linda Race

Artist’s Statement:

We met many years ago as carpool parents.  Although our children grew out of the need for carpooling, our friendship continued and blossomed around the mutual interest of art.  While we work in different mediums- Linda as a collage artist and Fern as a textile artist- we both explore color.  Linda works with color cut from books on flowers and nature; Fern works with color in fabric.

We both use repurposed and found materials in our work- discarded books for Linda and clothing or fabric found for Fern.  We delight in finding/saving “precious” bits and pieces for each other.

A short list of other sources of inspiration include Josef Albers’ Interaction of Color, Johannes Itten’s Design and Form, artwork by Klee, Kandinsky, Sean Scully, Jacob Lawrence, color and form in quilts by Africa American quilters, Amish quilters and Gwen Martson.  We find inspiration all around us that makes its way into our work.

The idea of this exhibition came about as we realized how much we inspired each other’s work.  We hope our exhibit of color and friendship inspires you as well.

Contact Information:

Fern Royce: fern@fernroycequilting.com

Linda Race:  lrace56@gmail.com

Monthly Artist: Alicia Dornadic and Tomas Moniz


July’s art is a collection of watercolors and poetry called Tendril Wild. You may get hungry, you may be inspired, and you are certain to enjoy this show.

“Paint the same fruit every day and you’ll discover a different story each time. For each of us, fruit evokes such powerful associations and memories of places and people. Watch how a banana turns from sturdy green to bright yellow to spotted brown and what stories come to mind….Even the language of fruit–bruised, ripe, spoiled–implies a link to bodies and experiences.”

Interested in purchasing a piece? Contact the artists at their e-mails below. Small frames are $75 and Large frames are $125.



Monthly Author: Arisa White


“A Penny Saved” by Arisa White is the reading selection for Sweet Adeline’s May Book Club. The discussion will be at 2pm on Sunday, May 25th. Copies of the book are available for sale at the shop for $15.

“The second volume of poetry, A Penny Saved, published by Willow Books, reimagines the true story of Polly Mitchell, who was held captive in her home for 10 years. The projected release date is November 1.

Poetically/fictitiously reinvented and renamed Penny, the book’s protagonist is held in her home for 12 years. The collection is arranged in three sections. In each, Penny’s voice is juxtaposed with another: we encounter the voice of the House in the opening section; the oldest daughter Elizabeth and her imaginary friend Jewelie in the second; and the third section concludes with the husband’s voice, which is part apology and remorse. Each voice brings to the fore an intimate perspective of Penny’s captivity and abuse and the role of each character/voice within this violence.

A Penny Saved reflects my attempt to turn over—in mind and on page—the interconnected tangle of complicity and abuse. Growing up with a mother who was serially involved in physically abusive relationships, my adolescence was peppered with violent episodes: me and my siblings escaping our home in the middle of the night to go to domestic violence shelters; being physically attacked by my mother’s boyfriend.

Mitchell’s story was a way to investigate the parts we play in enabling violent situations around us and the things we think are necessary to secure our survival and the survival of the ones we love.

A Penny Saved is a collaboration with Beating Hearts, which supplied the cover image for the book. BEATING HEARTS: Stories of Domestic Violence is a photographic project inspired by true stories of domestic violence documented by Kate Sartor Hilburn and Terrie Queen Autrey of Louisiana. Both women have been active in domestic violence prevention and education in their communities. Autrey is a founder of the Domestic Abuse Resistance Team in Ruston, LA; Sartor Hilburn has served on its board.” Read more here