July Artists: Fern Royce and Linda Race

Artist’s Statement:

We met many years ago as carpool parents.  Although our children grew out of the need for carpooling, our friendship continued and blossomed around the mutual interest of art.  While we work in different mediums- Linda as a collage artist and Fern as a textile artist- we both explore color.  Linda works with color cut from books on flowers and nature; Fern works with color in fabric.

We both use repurposed and found materials in our work- discarded books for Linda and clothing or fabric found for Fern.  We delight in finding/saving “precious” bits and pieces for each other.

A short list of other sources of inspiration include Josef Albers’ Interaction of Color, Johannes Itten’s Design and Form, artwork by Klee, Kandinsky, Sean Scully, Jacob Lawrence, color and form in quilts by Africa American quilters, Amish quilters and Gwen Martson.  We find inspiration all around us that makes its way into our work.

The idea of this exhibition came about as we realized how much we inspired each other’s work.  We hope our exhibit of color and friendship inspires you as well.

Contact Information:

Fern Royce: fern@fernroycequilting.com

Linda Race:  lrace56@gmail.com

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